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She Believed She Could...

When I was just a kid, I hated routine - especially the routine of going to school, every single day. What a complete waste of time. By the time I started high school, I had wasted so much time, I was ready to get out, so I quit. Who cares? Right!?

Later, I found that education seemed to be how you fit into the world and all my friends/classmates had made the choice to go to college and live, mostly, happily ever after.

Me? I worked my way through minimum wage jobs until I couldn't stand it anymore.

Then one day I said to my husband, Terry, "I should get my diploma." Guess what? I did it! Then, Terry encouraged me to go to college. Was I smart enough? Of course! So I did!

As a kid, I had a wild imagination. I spent hours in my playhouse that my Dad had built for me, and it was where I taught many classes. A small town girl with big dreams. I wanted to be a teacher!

Then, life happened. I had kids and there was little time for my education. I didn't go back to college for many years, but by my 40s, I had my bachelors degree in English. Now on to be a teacher!

I loved the college environment. So I started again, and received my Master's! Guess what? I WAS smart enough.

I now teach college English and just finished my very first novel! Such an accomplishment for that awkward little girl who hated school.

Yes, you can do it! Do what you have always dreamed of doing. Don't wait! This life we live is short. Do what you love.

I believe in you!