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Melissa Litwiller - Author

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Have you ever had the same dream, over and over, never knowing exactly why? Twenty-one-year-old Dee Fosco has, and she can no longer ignore it, or the voice that has spoken to her since before she was a little girl.

The novel Viper, tells the story of a girl growing up in the isolated hills of Kentucky, with a mother who is depressive, after her husband tells her he no longer loves her. The beat-up trailer they have been forced to move into is cramped and full of the memories of the past, and Dee’s mother, who is getting through life with numerous medications, is in constant grief over her failed marriage. She is a religious person who doesn’t take well to Dee’s constant plagues of dreams and visions and her constant ability to take on the emotions of others – her mother’s being the most draining. Though she feels alone, there is always someone with her - a guide who speaks to her - comforting her when she feels anxiety.

This dream has been occurring, over and over, since Dee was a little girl and it involves a family. This family was happy and well adjusted, something Dee wasn’t used to in her own life. She watches as the mother and father cherished the boy and girl, laughing, playing, and loving one another very much.

Then, many years later, when Dee has grown into a young woman, she sees these happy images change and now only sees father and son. The boy turns in to a man, tortured with his demons that begin to change him. Her guide reveals images of this place, Viper, Kentucky, and though she is warned of the danger that is eminent, she is pulled to go to this place, if not for the sake of this unknown man, then for her own.

Copyright © 2017 by Melissa Litwiller