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Melissa Litwiller is an English Professor and writer whose imagination has conjured many magical as well as frightening characters. She is inspired by numerous horror films, old and new, and participating in anything she thinks will spark her creative mind  – be that a graveyard or a trip to the city of her story’s setting such as the beautiful Kentucky mountains in her novel, Viper. When she is not writing or helping others with the craft of writing, you will find her with her husband, adult children, and grandson, trying to persuade them into seeing a horror film, checking out a creepy convention, or visiting a haunted location.


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Have you ever had the same dream, repeatedly, never knowing exactly why? Twenty-one-year-old Dee Fosco has, and she can no longer ignore it, or the voice that has spoken to her since she was a little girl. 

The novel, Viper, tells the story of a girl growing up in the isolated hills of Kentucky, with her deeply depressed mother. The beat-up trailer they now live in is cramped and full of the memories of the past, and Dee’s mother, who is getting through life with numerous medications, is in constant grief over her failed marriage. She is a religious person who doesn’t take well to Dee’s constant plagues of dreams and visions. Her ability to take on the emotions of others – her mother’s being the most draining - keeps Dee suspended in a state of distress. Though she feels alone, there is always someone with her - a guide who speaks to her - giving comfort when she feels alone. 

Her dream involves a family - happy and well adjusted, something Dee wasn’t used to in her own life. She watches as the mother and father cherished the boy and girl, laughing, playing, and loving one another.

Then one night, she sees these happy images change and now there is only a father and son in the little cabin. Over time, the boy turns into a man, tortured with demons that have been forever working to change him. Her guide reveals images of this place, Viper, Kentucky, and though she is warned of the danger that is imminent, she is pulled to go to Viper, if not for the sake of this mystery man's soul - then for her own.

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Jade has had a life full of disappointments, or rather she is the disappointment. With no one to really lean on, she starts hanging with a group of kids who become her makeshift family - or so she thought. With these new friends, she is introduced to witchcraft and becomes part of a coven that causes her terrors at night that she can't seem to fight off.

Thank god for Quill, the new girl, who teaches her what about real friendship. But then, the coven turns their attention towards the awkward and quiet girl, and Jade becomes desperate to stop their constant bullying towards her.

Years later, Jade begins to feel like she has found her new normal when she meets Britton - sweet and supportive. He loves her unconditionally, and when he asks her to marry him, she says yes, knowing there is no other place for her but in his arms.

Then, everything comes to a halt when one minute she is driving home from work, and the next she sees flashing lights and a mangled Jeep. Standing and watching the scene of an accident that had to have killed the passenger, she realizes the body they are pulling from the heaped mess is her own. How is she seeing this horrible scene and her own crumpled and broken body? No one can see her - no one responds as she tries to let them know she is still there, but Quill, her faithful lifetime friend.

Black Sheep is the story of losses - in life, of family, and in death, but more importantly, it’s a story of survival - beyond the boundaries of the other side. #BlackSheep


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Eternal Worship


She rises, not noticing the silky white sheet as it slips to the floor, much like the life she no longer cares for.
She sees nothing; she hears nothing.
The swish of her filmy night gown flows over the Berber carpet.
She passes the living room; the cat is sitting on the cold register and hisses as she brushes past.
Her delicate china doll hand turns the knob; the door quietly creaks open.
She walks into the night, no one knows where she goes - No one ever will.
Her bare feet touch the dew covered grass, turning her feet blue.
The autumn wind blows her raven hair, and the blustery crispness smells like death.
She reaches the graveyard and proceeds, eager to complete her task.
She lowers herself to the edge of the hole, newly dug for her lovers casket.
She falls to the bottom, digging at the dirt that will hide her as she waits.
She lays in silence, waiting to be reunited.
Copyright © 2017 by Melissa Litwiller


Elphame Realms E-Zine: Issue #2: Something Witchy This Way Comes

We’ve concocted a brew to chill your bones featuring witch-themed stories from both new and returning authors. If talking cats, deadly potions, cursed masks, and Baba Yaga stir your cauldron, then set down your broomstick and come sit a spell for our second issue. Also featured is original poetry and an interview with a real witch! None of the stories in this e-zine are explicit, but due to some darker content, may be more suitable for upper-YA or adult readers. Open your Book of Shadows and prepare to be bewitched!




             I Don’t Want to See

The sun illuminates the things I don't want to see.

The dog hair and dust - life looks so imperfect.

The darkness covers the imperfections, Only revealing what the moonlight hits.

Blurred parts of what is there.

Sunlight is revealing and scary. Darkness is hidden and comfortable.

There is beauty in darkness. No one ever understands this...

The shadows hide the imperfect lives we've lost over time.

Our failures - our secrets.

It makes life more beautiful.

More acceptable.

More livable...

Darkness is unconditional.

It covers the things I don't want to see.


     Copyright © 2017 by Melissa Litwiller

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